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What You Need to Get Started

 A good pair of running shoes, water bottle and towel.
 A bicycle in good working order and a helmet. 
 A swimsuit and swimming goggles. Basic swimming skill or swim classes are
​    suggested.
 A positive attitude and commitment to give it a “tri.”
 Reasonable health with clearance to exercise.

At your complimentary (FREE)
​introduction session, you'll learn:

General Preparation

  • Reading, we suggest:
    Your First Triathlon by Joe Friel
    The Slow, Fat Triathlete by Jayne Williams
  • Websites to help you get started. We like:

Clothing, Gear, Equipment
Nutrition - Hydration
Preparing to Train
Walking-Running Drills
and more...

Novice or new triathletes must attend our introduction session, and a swim skills, bike skills, and run conditioning sessions ($25 for 3) before attending unlimited group training swims, road bike rides, training runs, "bricks," transition practices and mock triathlons. USAT membership is required. Club membership is $75 first year (plus USAT membership) and $50 per year for USAT triathletes who have completed at least one triathlon.

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